1. New favorite breakfast. #Peanutbutter and #banana a must! #oatmeal

  2. Signs that it’s getting colder: solid #coconutoil! #fall #autumn #brr

  3. I feel like a douche but would you take some time to vote for my weight loss teams photo? I mean…look how creative it is!


  4. So this happened at the office today….#HealthyWage #minichallenge #Luigi #WiiNotFit #weightloss #before

  5. Early morning workout. Look at that temperature! Got my verified weigh in for #HealthyWage and now it’s time to start winning money.


  6. Switching doctors, found one that is a runner. Priorities


  7. "dontstoptriing said: PUMPKIN noosa?!?"
    — Available at Target, according to the package. :)

  8. "littlecondo said: That looks awesome; do you have a recipe?"

    Not a completely exact recipe but this is what I did.

    Boiled a box of pasta to al dente. Drained then added on jar of sauce and grated parmesan. Put it in a casserole dish, topped with Italian seasoning, shredded parmesan cheese, shredded mozzarella cheese, and then Italian seasoning again. Baked covered for 35 min in 350-400* oven, then took off the cover and baked for 10 minutes more. 

  9. Happy Birthday to me! 😊😄😘🎂🎉🎁#moosejaw

  10. No lie, this is the first time I’ve made #bakedziti.