1. All day conference call #snacks.

  2. Finally got to harvest some #grapetomatoes from my #garden.

  3. #Strawberries and #kiwi just scream #summer.

  4. #runchat This race wasn’t a full #5k, but my watch says this is a PR by 1 second. Too bad race results say 30:54. It’s ok, I’m still happy with my performace!

  5. Not quite sure how this #icecube froze this way. #science #weirdscience

  6. A reminder to myself as to why I stopped buying #OldNavy clothes. These workout capris were super cute but I need my gear to last longer than 3-ish months of light wear. #cheaplymade #notimpressed

  7. Can’t wait to race tomorrow, @craftbrewraces!! You ready, @peakphysiqueri?

  8. #runchat So, I forgot this #RunPVD medal was a bottle opener. @eidentracing

  9. Excited to try this #mixasix that I put together at the new #NikkisLiquors on Branch Ave. I’ve missed #ShinerBock so much!!


  10. Anonymous said: Team up with Taco Bell for the release of Looking for Alaska and make bufriedos a thing.


    God that is such a terrible/wonderful idea. No one mention this to Taco Bell or Paramount or they will totally actually do it.